Did you know that Crystal Lake operates as a three-season Outdoor Center?! Now that it’s spring, our cross-country ski trails are open for hiking! It’s a beautiful day to get outdoors and explore, so come on up to Crystal Lake! Please check in at our Office upon arrival.

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Trails are a bit icy, as the ground hardened overnight. As the week has progressed, our lower trails have had less coverage; Lake, Catfish, and Backway were hit hard by the sun and warm temps.

Pitchpine, Laurel, Blue Moon, and the Fern Loops are in good shape; we expect Sassafras and SuperLoop to be in similar condition.

Temps are forecasted to rise this afternoon and rain this weekend, so get in some skiing while you can!

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We had a few skiers out today to enjoy what is left of the snow! Many of our lower trails (Lake and Catfish especially) are bare, but skiers enjoyed Blue Moon, the Fern Loops, Pitchpine and Laurel.

We expect to be open tomorrow morning and conditions will be similar to today. Temperatures are forecasted to rise in the afternoon and stay warm through the weekend. Likewise, Saturday and Sunday call for rain, so come ski while you can!

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Wednesday afternoon 3/22

Conditions this morning were icy but manageable and by afternoon a little softening in the sunny areas while remaining fast with grip in shaded areas.   We will be open tomorrow Thursday 3/23.   Please expect icy conditions with some bare spots and rocks showing.   Expectation is that the trails will be very manageable with care.   Tomorrow afternoon has the expectation same as today with more bare spots and more stones showing.   All in all should be manageable for those folks who want to hang on to the ski season.   Weather is very precarious and we are watching expected weather (perhaps rain/sleet warming temps coming into the weekend).

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Trails have hardened overnight with the temperature drop, and they are quite icy.

Due to the sun and warm temperature yesterday, we lost a bit of coverage on our lower trails, mainly the Lake Trail and Catfish.

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Warm temperatures yesterday softened our snow quite a bit. Skiing was enjoyable, but a bit slow.

Today’s forecast calls for more warm temps and sun, so snow is expected to be soft and potentially slushy by the afternoon.

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Thanks to the folks who came out and skied on the first day of Spring! Conditions were good this morning, but got a bit soft by the end of the day. However, skiing in March is quite a blessing.

We will be open tomorrow–trails are expected to be somewhat soft like this afternoon due to warm temperatures. We are excited to ski for as long as the snow lasts, so get it while you can!

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